Huawei Redefining Foldable Phones with a New Triple-Folding Design

Huawei is reportedly working on a triple-folding phone, and new details about this innovative device have recently emerged from several notable tipsters.

Huawei’s Triple-Folding Phone to Hit the Market

Digital Chat Station, a prominent tipster, revealed in a recent Weibo (Chinese microblogging site) post that Huawei’s triple-folding phone is set to be the world’s first handset with this form factor. The device will feature a double hinge, incorporating an innovative “inner folding + outer folding” design. Unlike current foldable phones that fold inward, this phone will fold outward. The combined screen size is estimated to be around 10 inches. It is also mentioned that the device will effectively control the crease, a common issue with foldables.

The tipster further claimed that the phone would incorporate “far leading new technology” and noted a lack of “competitors,” a bold statement considering Samsung’s dominance in the foldable market.

Another tipster, Ice Universe, supported this claim, stating that Huawei will indeed be the first to launch a triple-folding phone. Ice Universe specifically targeted Samsung, suggesting that their technology is “far behind” and that they are still struggling with basic foldable designs. He mentioned that a prerequisite for a triple-folding phone is slimness, which is Huawei’s strength and Samsung’s weakness.

Background and Developments

Huawei has been working on a triple-folding phone for a long time. They began filing patents for this technology in 2021, with more patents filed in 2022. Another patent filed in February 2023 detailed a triple-folding phone with two hinges and an outward-folding flexible screen, as mentioned by Digital Chat Station.

However, it is important to note that this information comes from unofficial sources, and Huawei has not confirmed these details yet. Considering the company’s patent filings and the credibility of tech insiders, there seems to be a solid foundation for these speculations. More information about Huawei’s triple-folding phone is expected to surface in the coming days.

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